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Butthairs, Blog of the Old Man 禅 (wife says I must run naked through fire!!)

Celtic Cross 
Кельтский крест Keltisch kruis 
Keltský kříž
Szerint egy afrikai sámán, a kelta kereszt egyik igazán , hatékony is.Croix celtique
 非洲萨满,凯尔特十字真正的好,功能强大的一个。有些人,显然不能被信任。528赫兹的音调到治愈美好!愈合点击下面的链接。528 HZ tone to heal brain, etc. Nice! Healing, get your groove back!
528 HZ pour guérir ton cerveau
According to African Shaman, the Celtic Cross is one of the really good, powerful ones.

See the full list of phobias, A to Z. Fear of chickens? It is on the list. 

Mes cheveux sont âne dans un enchevêtrement, ce qui est un homme à faire?
Ha ha ha ha ha, funny!

J'ai peut ressembler à un zombie mais je suis un gars amour chérie
Ich mag wie ein Zombie aussehen, aber ich bin ein Schatz lieben Kerl
Я может выглядеть как зомби, но я парень возлюбленной любви
Aku mungkin kelihatan seperti Zombie tapi saya kekasih
 Butt Haare, ein Blog des alten Mannes
Blog poils Ass, le vieil homme

my new novel, Greenland Tower xoxo
Also available at Barnes and Noble and Kobo

Now open! Coolest private art museum in California. Call and let me know you're coming. You can bring kids, dogs, cigar. If you have a disability and have a hard time getting in an out of your car, this is for you, you can drive right up to to door. Phone: 916-641-7696

Cute daughter. No, you can't date her. World's cutest daughter.

Смазливая дочь. Нет, вы не можете встречаться с ней. Симпатичный мира дочери.

Butthairs on old women is a joke. What do they have, one or two? An
old man will have a thicket. Old women are lucky in that department.
I know this because I've been around some old women and had a good
look. (What is "good" look is in eyes of beholder but (ha) in general, women
win the butthair beauty contest every time.

Do you have someone you trust to trim those little suckers? I don't. I've
gotten a few offers but turned them down cold. My ass is ugly, that's why.
Who wants to look and then turn to stone? OK, one guy. There is Mr. Plays
Gay Chicken Game. He said he'd do it..... Yeah right, then laugh at my sorry
ass for the rest of my life. No thanks!

I don't love the Gay Chicken Game but have been told that I play it quite well.
"You're Good!!"

Game works like this! You do something to or around a guy or, I guess, to
yourself that has seemingly gay overtones and is funny. You prove you ARE NOT
GAY by doing the above. If you do nothing, you are Chicken, if you get embarrassed,
they they say, "Don't be gay. It is a weird game, occasionally funny. I don't know
of there is an official position on the game, pro or con. Sooner later, I'm sure, someone
will let me know. Watch Out!

I'm am a guy who does not like his ass touched. Don't like it touched by man or woman.
I have ugly ass. My ass may be good joke material, but that is about all it is good for.

My Gay Chicken Jokes?

I did a couple funny things in the Gay Chicken Department, as follows:
Since Mr. somebody professed interest in my pecker, and claimed to want a look, I made a fake
pecker. The pecker looks very realistic (I am a visual artist) I sculpted it out of plaster and put a
hook on it so I could hang it from the front of my pants. The pecker looked like a real one, but was
not very attractive as peckers go. Mine is MUCH nicer.

OK, I walked out of the bathroom wearing the fake dick. Mr. you know who was standing right there.
I think he did a backwards somersault. So much for him! Ha! What a chimp! He is so fearless! Yeah, right! Got him good!

Other time got a nice banana, just right. I held the banana at the right level an invited him to take
a bite! It is only a banana, I told him, so have a taste. Sounds stupid but was excruciatingly funny!
It was not easy for him, but he did take a bite. This is hardcore Gay Chicken! Hard on the nerves!
I guess the purpose of the game is to help guys be less uptight about the gay issue. I'm not that uptight.
The thing you need to understand is that I'm an older guy, and the while above game is from a different generation, other generations have comparable practices. I worked with Teamster and Ship rats, they played Gay Chicken also. The New generation had no sense
of the history of this. I even teased my wife's Dad who was in the Navy during WWII.

"You ever do barrel duty, Mel? Back when you were aboard ship? He would just smirk.

A different generation of Navy sailors play rough. Word was that on the Higbee, sailors would grab officers below decks and grease em with a grease gun. Right up the...! They also fed the officers shit sandwiches. They were some bad feelings because, apparently, the Higbee was considered a death trap. They said the hull was rusted through and had lots of other problems. Greasing officers, Ha ha!

Gargoyle Funerary Urn your final resting place? Heh!!, freak out the relatives.  Your ashes will be happy in the Gargoyle urn (there may be some left over to sprinkle in the Sierra Nevada or the Pacific ocean or on Bieber's lawn!

Hormel is cheap, looks like a budget skin graph

Nominate Farrell Hamann for a social media 

award in the Shorty Awards

 Bo Dogley: Director "Intelligence Command Kontrol" (DICK) Known to take kickbacks, bribes, and little favors from lobbyists. Was under: "Shoot on sight directive during the George H.W. Bush administration. 

I could be wrong, but I think George A. #Hormel would not be pleased that his deli ham resembled a skin graft more than a slice of ham.  It is that thin!  You just do not get a lot of meat.  How does it work, do you make a sandwich with a "suggestion" of ham?  Is that it?  Man, is Hormel foods stingy.  They are the Scrooge of the meat packing companies.  Where is the meat, Hormel?  Hungry over here!!

Je peux me tromper, mais je pense que George A. # Hormel ne serait pas heureux que son jambon de charcuterie ressemblait à une greffe de peau plus d'une tranche de jambon. C'est cette mince! Vous n'avez tout simplement pas beaucoup de viande. Comment ça marche, ne faire un sandwich avec une «proposition» de jambon? Est-ce que c'est? Man, est Hormel Foods avare. Ils sont les Scrooge des entreprises d'emballage de viande.
Church of the Blue Moon/Moon Beams on your Naked Booty

Farrell Hamann Fine Art. Paintings, Mosaics, Sculpture, Plaster, Statuary, Castles, Palaces, Chateau, Marble towers (Runs, Races, Spirals)
My art images, etc.

My youtube channel (7 videos. Good 4m40s tour of home/studio.
Now 11 videos.  The latest is: Intercepted Video Transmission. Click here for video
Huge waste of Time !!!
UPdate: Far more than 7 videos now!

Please tell me that the "thing" is not stalking me again!

The Great White Lizard of the North Pole

Bitey Cats, Candles, Cupcakes, and the elusive Montecito Cheese Rat in front of Bitey Castle.

Urban Dictionary--Butt Hairs  

These are Roland Brand smoked oysters.  Smoked with cherry wood and "farm grown" in China.  Precious and I ate them all straight from the can, all but one that is, Precious left on one her plate to prove she is fickle. I won't eat off her plate but she will eat off mine. In a few minutes, I will upload the photo from my camera.  I thought they were good!  Yum, little oysters!!!  Packed in cottonseed oil.  Lucky me, I have a tiny fork which is just right for impaling tiny oysters.

Someday I may put together a little guy kit for the kitchen drawer.  I like super strong spoons of various sizes that you can scoop ice cream with without fear of bending.  The utility of the little fork is obvious for oysters, and other tiny, bite size foods.  If your spoons look like Uri Geller got to em. consider following my suggestion and buying something respectable.

I also found this other smoked oyster site and found it to be well written and charming:  The Writer purchased a different brand of smoked oyster,  Ocean Prince Brand, I believe.  My Oysters were a gift from daughter and her boyfriend.  Thank you!!!

Smoked oyster site
Not my site....  Google results for canned smoked oysters (images): Google images
Nice spoons that won't bend when you scoop ice cream. haha

Man Flowers (ha ha, funny!
Oh, I tossed in a cherry pitter just in case you've never seen one.  Want to impress girl (woman) Buy her some nice organic cherrys for her, wash em, and pit each one for her.  That'll make a good impression.
Mes fleurs de mariage, trouve derrière un dispositif de retenue chinois à Sacramento, en Californie.

I miei fiori matrimonio trovato dietro un ristorante cinese in California
Mitt bröllop blommor hittades bakom en kinesisk restaurang i Kalifornien
Мои свадебные цветы, найденные за китайский ресторан в Северной Калифорнии

At Z-Rated (above) you can learn about Blue Balls and the female equivalent, Blue Walls or Blue Labia.  You can also see a good photo of Woody, the Dick with Feet!
Above: Bitey the Cat Dating Service rejection letter. Sorry!
Thanks Bitey, you evil witch.  Now go fly away on your broom!  Jezz.  

Unflattering photo of Bitey, Ha ha, Bites.  See if you can get a date!!   
Photo peu flatteuse de Bitey, Ha ha, chat, voir si vous pouvez obtenir une date!

Church of the Blue Moon/Moon Beams on your Naked Booty 
World greatest living artist
Montecito Cheese Rat (Pinconning Cheese!!!)  
Scary Motherfuckers of Montecito 
Boiled head (montecito style)
The Great CC (Cadaver Cat) 

 Above: I've been Ordained for a long time but wanted certificate for your sake. Bless you!! Haha
Ci-dessus: j'ai été ordonné depuis longtemps mais je voulais certificat pour vous. Que Dieu vous bénisse! Haha 
Oben: Ich habe für eine lange Zeit ordiniert worden, wollte aber Zertifikat für Ihren willen. Segne Sie! Hah
Ovan: Jag har bestämt för länge men ville certifikat för din skull. Gud välsigne dig! Haha
أعلاه : لقد كنت رسامة لفترة طويلة لكنه اراد الشهادة لأجلك. بارك الله فيك! هاها
Boven: Ik heb gewijd zijn voor een lange tijd, maar wilde certificaat voor uw bestwil. Zegene u! Haha
De mai sus: Am fost hirotonit pentru o lungă perioadă de timp, dar a vrut certificat de dragul tau. Să vă binecuvânteze! Haha
Atas: Aku sudah ditahbiskan untuk waktu yang lama tetapi ingin sijil untuk kepentingan anda. Memberkati anda! Haha
Hér að framan: Ég hef verið vígður í langan tíma en vildi vottorð fyrir þínar sakir. Blessi þig! Haha
Em cima: Eu tenho sido ordenado por um longo tempo, mas queria certificado por sua causa. Deus te abençoe! Haha

 Above: Cartoonized version of my "Chateau on Rock"  Use computer to convert picture.
My huge sphere (ball) almost finished at this stage, a few more holes to drill out. Lighted with quartz halogen lamp.  Approx. 31 inch in diameter. Big!

Need a break from Butt Hair (ass hairs) you can rest eyeballs here. Rare albino fake Christmas tree on left.
 Corner of home/studio  Recently featured on TV (again) 

Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  (listening to Coast to Coast Am at the moment, what are you doing?) looking for me?  Maybe not...
figs ripening in Sacramento, Ca
Pat Buchanan smelling up the airwaves, can't stand it. Phew!

Thanks to Credo Mutwa for knowledge of the Celtic Cross at top of page.

Treasure Hunting Tips from a very successful hunter
First thing, you need a metal detector and a willingness to use it and use it properly.  If you persevere, you will find treasure (which to me, means gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones like diamonds, topaz, rubies, sapphires, beryl, tourmaline, opal, etc.)

Treasure hunting is very much an Old Butthair (or Old Fart, if you prefer) sort of thing to do.  You can hunt for treasure almost anywhere if you have a decent metal detector.  My old 4900 D, did very well for me.  I found 25 gold rings!  That is a lot of gold, some were set with very nice diamonds (more later about that).

The 4900 D was a metal detector especially made to hunt for gold nuggets but did very well finding coins, bottle caps, pull tabs, and other metal items.  The coins alone repaid for the machine many times over.  I found many bulging pockets full of coins, Many.  Most of my metal detecting was done in Santa Barbara, California but I also did quite a bit in Sacramento.

Besides coins and jewelry and junk, you will find other interesting or useful objects.  I found a very expensive yachting knife, the head of a harpoon, and a lot of bullets.  Consider that, sometimes, those bullets could be "evidence."  

The most helpful tip for would be metal detectorist is to sweep the detector (if you're in the sweeping mode) horizontally over the ground. Actually touching the grass, dirt or sand is good, the closer the better.  Of course, if there are a lot of rocks, you will do it just above the surface so as not to grind down the coil to much and make a lot of noise.  You can and should buy a cover that snaps onto the bottom of your coil to protect it from abrasion.  The cover will take quite a beating from rocks, sand, and debris.

If you sweep with an arcing motion like you are playing golf, rather than a nice horizontal sweep, you will expose the detector to a very limited amount of metal as the coil will be up in the air most of the time.  You don't want to cover only a couple of inches at a time with each sweep, you want to have the entire sweep of the detector as near the surface as possible.  Assuming you are using a sweeping mode.

Intercepted Transmission Re.: National Security of the United States of America
Intercepted video transmission Part two  

We've gone beyond part two, have no. 5 up on youtube. Just go to youtube and type in farrellhamann to go to my channel.  Easy..
Intelligence agencies that Elmer could be working for: CIA, NSA, DIA, GRU, SVR, CNCIS, DGSE, DRM, Mossad, DPSD BRGE.  could be others, who knows for sure?

Спецслужбы, что Элмер могли бы работать для: ЦРУ, АНБ, АСВ, ГРУ, СВР, CNCIS, DGSE, DRM, "Моссад", DPSD BRGE. могут быть и другие, кто знает наверняка?
VIDEO: Do not abuse Rogaine (for the bald guy or if you have thinning hair. Be careful!
World's tallest building

Witam, można zobaczyć moje filmy na youtube mój kanał: farrellhamann
A day you don't have to listen to New Gingrich's endless bullshit in the media, is a good day.  Don't know how they stand it in Georgia.  Newt is the world's biggest bore.  His fake intellectualism is a joke.  The only reason you even hear about the guy is that suckups and kiss asses are always in demand by the GOP and big business.  Take a hike, Newt.  Newt sucks ass. Looks like ass, acts like ass. He is ass.
Cool net music video. Tin whistle, drum ball, latest and greatest, far fucking out!
Fly on the wall

The Wisconsin Tea Party: They don't know conservatives obstructed Gen. Washington during War for Independence then ran away to Canada  Same is true for Baggers in Kansas, Michigan, California, and Missouri, all clueless dumbasses.

 Got myself an old, classic GE transistor radio, Model P-875A  6 transistors.  In nice leather case. Works great. Superheterodyne!  Collector interested, call me.  I also have an old CC Radio.

Eeek!  A black widow spider on my garage door.  Tried to get it but the fucker got away. Damn thing is going to bite me.  Female.  I've had it. 
给自己买了一个旧的,传统的通用晶体管收音机,型号的P -875A6晶体管。在尼斯皮套伟大工程。超外差收藏家感兴趣,给我打电话。我也有一个旧CC电台。


Very interesting, very, very cool, mind-opening youtube lecture by genius: Terence Mckenna  mind-blowing, brilliant, far fucking out.

 Old General Electric (GE) 6 transistor radio Model: P-875A In leather case.  Still plays well. (I love old radios)  Having trouble with my CC Radio (naturally)

Another image of Old Butthairs, this time in costume of Elmer/Basel the CIA/MI6 Black OP, or Bo Dogly, the dirty blues singer (you pick)  Holding a cute baby harp seal so no one can bop it on the head.
Nice straw hat? Wearing a Bitey Cat T-shirt, looks like seal has cat ears.
This site is approved by the Montecito Cheese Rat. Seal of approval is above in this cool pick. I think their scientific name means: Ice Lover

Part One: CIA asset Elmer AKA Basel smells a rat in Montecito. Run for your lives.
GOP talks class warfare BS because they want everyday Americans to be passive. Jefferson knew better. Passive like pre-war Germany?

Our rescue pug dog Mia doing well on her mostly raw meat diet.  She is starring in my net TV Series: Intercepted Video Transmissions, Source Unknown as "Mugsie" the super spy doggie. 
我不应该告诉你,但是当我上中学的时候,他们把我送到天的测试“市中心“。他们很惊讶有多聪明 (我还是谦虚,我的头不是一个大众的大小)我没有把这个用英语,因此你的中文的读者 (除哈巴狗的一部分)

When I get a Scammer email, sometimes I put a curse on them just to freak em out.  I did this to one of them and got the message back: "Mugu like u"  Mugu is a Scammer slang for the victim.
我收到了垃圾邮件发送的电子邮件,有时我把他们只是反常的EM了。我这样做其中之一,并得到了消息回道:“像你穆古木古是一个受害者骗子俚语。The Potato Bug Lovers Group on Facebook. You will love this. May give some cardiac arrest so be careful.

Hard to eat when Creamy the Cat and Mia the pug Dog are both trying to grab my food.  Begging! 

Political message to voters and masses:  
People watch/listen to propaganda media, then elect politicians who fuck them over. Fox does it for multi-national corps. Screws you.  People, Rupert Murdoch is a right wing pig who does not care about the American people.  He only cares about money and power.  Fox News and his other media ops are non-stop propaganda and bullshit.  Boycott Fox, the New York Post, and all Murdoch ventures

Video: Does not exactly impress.

Did I say that I sold the HCF Pacelite 707 and may sell Creampuff the Jaguar?  I did.
 Neighbor's cigarette butts found just outside my door. Jaguar keys.
Brought to you by the Montecito Cheese Rat


No, this is not the M.V. Polar Cyst.  For one, it is too good a condition.  This vessel is 110 Ft. and moves along at 10 Knots, burning about 33 gallons of fuel and hour.  It is a general cargo boat.  Very handsome ship.  Like this a lot more then a Ferrari, much more fun.  Would make a good tramp "steamer"  Wonder how many Twitter people you could fit in the hold?  Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and see my videos on youtube: farrellhamann on Twitter and youtube.  My KlOUT score, last time I looked was 60 (since the revised Klout, my score is lower... is a 57 on the Peer Index)

不,这不是M.V.极地囊肿。首先,它太好的条件。本船为110英尺。10海里,沿移动,大约33加仑的燃料和燃烧时间这是一个普通货物船。很漂亮的船。像这样的更多的是法拉利更有趣会是个好流浪汉“蒸笼不知道有多少人,你可以Twitter的适合在举行请遵循Facebook和Twitter的,看我的影片在YouTubefarrellhamann在Twitter和YouTubeKlOUT评分,最后一次我看到是60(高)If you missed it, scroll up and find the like to get my new calendar.  (Bitey Cats, Candles, Rat, etc.)

Author, Farrell Hamann, (the Zombie!!) has 2 cats, a pug dog, and a high KLOUT score. 
Привет, вы можете увидеть мои видео на моем канале YouTube: farrellhamann
Guarda i miei video il mio canale su youtube: farrellhamann Commedia, arte, scultura, teneri animaletti, strani, sfere incandescenti.

My youtube Channel:

I know that this site will be visited by the occasional evil troll.  Fine with me.  Just wash your hands first and don't touch anything.  Have a smoked oyster. 
    视觉艺术家,雕塑家,作家,喜剧影片(YouTube)的我与今夜秀(约卡森一个作家的文件,并在白宫收藏,美术波士顿,佩塔卢马博物馆博物馆艺术品,奥普拉温弗瑞有一个我的马赛克鸡蛋。等“独特的收藏“的保罗盖蒂博物馆。萨克拉门托蜜蜂安可“美国版的法贝热蛋“KCRA电视台,“美丽“欧普拉宝石视觉世界。“我已经多次在电视上的特色,并在印刷媒体我的YouTube频道:farrellhamann兼论注册。可以看到在FlickrPicasa时,Twitpic艺术品,谷歌,我有一个巨大的影像艺术收藏品工作包括城堡,塔,马赛克,油画,雕塑等。也做幽默写作。分数KLOUT Home of Rubble, piles and stacks 
Puing-puing, tidak istimewa, hanya gundukan, timbunan, tumpukan, dan tumpukan puing. Tidak mewah puing-puing seperti mereka ada di Mesir, hanya puing-puing. Bagaimana anda menolak?

Boo Hoo Hoo 
Inte gråta, var alla bra namn tas. Ville Coconut Bra men att namnet togs. Farrell Hamann är författare och skulptör i Sacramento, Kalifornien. "Unik samling" The J. Paul Getty Museum. Konstnären har arbetet i Vita huset, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, och i insamlingen av Oprah Winfrey.
Butt hår, blogg av den gamle mannen. Jag tar mitt problem till Harvard Medical School. För dig, en Zippo tändare!

 For Professional, expert beauty tips and tutorials, please visit my daughter, Kate's, channel on youtube: IKHAMELEON  Makeup artistry, cosmetics, makeovers, supplies, and more.

Pour les professionnels, d'experts conseils de beauté et des tutoriels, s'il vous plaît visiter ma fille, Kate, le canal sur YouTube: Maquillage artistique IKHAMELEON, cosmétiques, du maquillage, de fournitures, et plus encore.

Untuk Profesional, tips kecantikan ahli dan tutorial, sila lawati puteriku, Kate, saluran di youtube: IKHAMELEON kesenian Makeup, kosmetik, makeover, persediaan, dan banyak lagi.



Для специалистов, экспертов советы по красоте и учебные материалы, пожалуйста, посетите мою дочь,, Кейт канал на YouTube: IKHAMELEON макияжа артистизм, косметика, перфекционизма, аксессуары и многое другое.

لموظفي الفئة الفنية، نصائح الجمال الخبراء والدروس، يرجى زيارة ابنتي، كيت، قناة على يوتيوب : IKHAMELEON الفنيةماكياج، ومستحضرات التجميل، التجميل، والمستلزمات، وأكثر من ذلك .

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IKHAMELEON 메이크업 예술성, 화장품, makeovers, 공급, 그리고 : 프로 전문 뷰티 자습서, 내 , 케이트, YouTube에 채널 방문하시기 바랍니다.

Für professionelle, kompetente Beauty-Tipps und Tutorials, besuchen Sie bitte meine Tochter, Kate, Kanal auf YouTube: IKHAMELEON Makeup Artistik, Kosmetik, Umarbeitungen, Zubehör und vieles mehr.

Professionale per consigli di bellezza di esperti e tutorial, si prega di visitare mia figlia, Kate, il canale su youtube: IKHAMELEON arte trucco, cosmetici, estetici, forniture e altro ancora.

Para profissionais, dicas de especialistas de beleza e cursos, visite a minha filha, Kate, canal no youtube: IKHAMELEON artístico de maquiagem, cosméticos, maquiagem, suprimentos e muito mais.

Đối với các chuyên nghiệp, chuyên gia về thủ thuật làm đẹp hướng dẫn, xin vui lòng truy cập vào con gái tôi, Kate, kênh trên youtube: IKHAMELEON nghệ thuật trang điểm, mỹ phẩm, Thay đổi vẻ ngoài, vật tư, và nhiều hơn nữa.

Pro profesionální, tipy odborníků krása a návody, navštivte mé dcery, Kate, kanál na YouTube: IKHAMELEON Makeup umění, kosmetika, Makeovers, zásoby, a další.

The Author wearing hat, socks, and a palm frond.

Did Grandma and Grandpa eat this baby?  No, they did not but the did something equally bad.  They had this baby stuffed!!  What a horrible, evil, crime!!  Damn them to Hell.  This was a real baby!!  Read about their farm here:  FARM

Hat Oma und Opa essen das Baby? Nein, das habe sie nicht, aber die haben etwas gleich schlecht. Sie hatten dieses Baby gefüllt! Was für eine schreckliche, böse, Verbrechen! Verdammt sie in die Hölle. Das war ein echtes Baby! Lesen Sie mehr über ihren Hof hier:
А бабушка и дедушка есть этот ребенок? Нет, они не, но сделал что-то одинаково плохо. У них был этот ребенок чучело! Что ужасно, зло, преступление! Черт их в ад. Это был настоящий ребенок! Читайте о своей ферме здесь:
할머니 할아버지 아기를 먹어 봤어요? 아니, 그들하지 않았지만 뭔가 똑같이 나쁜 않았다. 그들은 아기 인형을 했어요! 무섭고 사악한 범죄! 지옥으로 이런 그들. 이것 실제 아기 였을! 여기에 자신의 농장에 대해 읽어보십시오 :
Hizo la abuela y el abuelo comer a este bebé? No, no, pero el hizo algo igualmente malo. Tenían este bebé de peluche! ¡Qué horrible, la delincuencia mal! Maldita ellos al infierno. Este era un bebé de verdad! Lee sobre su granja aquí:
Har Mormor och Morfar äta det här barnet? Nej, det gjorde de inte, men gjorde något lika illa. De hade det här barnet fyllda! Vilken hemsk, ond, brottslighet! Fan dem till helvetet. Detta var en riktig baby! Läs om deras gård här:
Forse la nonna e il nonno mangiare questo bambino? No, non hanno, ma le ha fatto qualcosa di altrettanto cattivo. Avevano questo bambino farcito! Che orribile, il male, il crimine! Accidenti a loro per l'inferno. Questo era un bambino vero! Leggi la loro fattoria qui:
الجد والجدة لم يأكل هذا الطفل؟ لا ، لم تكن إلا أن فعلت شيئا سيئا على حد سواء. كان لديهم هذا الطفل المحنطة! ما هو الشر الرهيبةوالجريمة! لعنة بهم إلى جهنم. وكان هذا الطفل الحقيقية! قرأت عن مزارعهم هنا :

Boombox/Ghetto Blaster JVC RC-232 JW 
 Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty 

 Wife attempting to block road with Creampuff the Jaguar so I could get away. Didn't work, I got caught!  I call her: Wife with eyes blue like the Ellensburg agate. Official Police photo.
Жена пытается заблокировать дорогу с Creampuff Jaguar, чтобы я мог уйти. Не работает, я попал! Я называю ее: Жена с глаза голубые, как агат Элленсберг. Официальный полиции фото. Тогда я сбежал. Забавно!

Author of Greenland Tower xoxo with his pointy war stick

Below: Right Wing Cult. Admission standards are quite low so don't sweat it. Just bring money.

Crime Families:
Bonanno, Genovese, Lucchese, Noonan, Stefano, Rizzuto, DeCavalcante, Patriarca, Corosone, Valenti, Gambino, Colombo, and let's not forget, Madoff.

I bought the about ballot box at Goodwill, a second hand store in Sacramento, California. Something just wrong about this? There is no indication that this ballot box was surplus or how it managed to be for sale. Oddly, it was empty except for a dime inside. I contacted the County about this... wonder if I should get it fingerprinted?  Is this not bizarre?

Mia the Champion black pug dog. She was a: Best in Show dog before we got her. In this picture, she is smiling.  Love doggie.
Есть Mia мопса страшно Moddey Dhoo? (страшная черная собака видела на Пил замок на острове МаннIs Mia the pug dog the terrifying Moddey Dhoo? (the scary black dog seen at Peel Castle on the Isle of Mann)لك الناس غرامة من دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة والمملكة العربية السعودية. أريدك أن تعرف أن مجموعة الأعمال الفنية الشهيرة للفنان ولاية كاليفورنيا ، فاريل هامان ومتاح. كما أن هذه المجموعة الضخمة والقلاع والقصور والفسيفساء، والنحت كبير وتناشد جميع الأعمار. يمكن أنشأت كمتحف، ناد لكبار الشخصيات، أو منطقة جذب سياحي. يمكنك ان ترى عدة جولات فن الفيديو على قناة يوتيوب : farrellhamann (وكذلك الحيوانات الأليفة لطيف، ولعب اطفال والكوميديا ​​المقترحة سعر الطلب هو 1 1 / 2 مليون دولار شكرا لك "مجموعة فريدة" ومتحف جون بول غيتي.
 Cork Oak bark on a tree trunk in Sacramento, California. Yes, the same type of cork used to bottle wine. Not in Spain, in California. Found along the American River Parkway (Paradise for bicyclists) 

Корк дубовой коры на стволе дерева в Сакраменто, штат Калифорния. Да, того же типа из пробки используются для бутылки вина. Не в Испании, в Калифорнии. Найдено по Американ Ривер Паркуэй (рай для велосипедистов)

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Lovely thistle flower (for my friends in Ireland)

Lush Spring meadow along the American River Parkway, Sacramento, California

Watch out for the Mountain Lions (Cougars) 

Gold Plated spade (shovel) for my next "Ground breaking ceremony" Haha.  Prop for a new Youtube video. (My channel: farrellhamann  This is not 24 kt. gold, this is 25 kt. gold! (the Illuminati is holding out on us! Yes, there is twenty five karat gold) You saw that here first!!  Even most of Wall Street is not privy to this secret information.  

Позолоченные лопаты (лопата) для моего следующего "новаторских церемонии" Ха-ха. Опоры для нового видео Youtube. (Мой канал: farrellhamann Это не 24 тыс. т золота, это на 25 тыс. т золота (Иллюминаты держит на нас Да, есть двадцать пять карат золота) Вы видели, что здесь сначала Даже большинство Уолл-стрит..!! не посвящены в эту тайну информации.

Purging "sin" from Devil cat

Do read the frightening document about the true Rush Limbaugh


Emerging larva: Artist/Writer Farrell Hamann
Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)
Detail pic of latex rubber mold for casting 12 1/2 inch spiral marble toy
I decided to start accepting writing assignments again so let me know what your needs are.

Winner of the Newt Gingrich's penis (pecker) look alike contest

Man Boobs (better than it sounds like) You don't have to like them

Boycott list for Koch Industries
  • Lycra
  • Coolmax
  • Tactel
  • SolarMax
  • Polarguard
  • Dacron
  • Thermolite
  • Comforel
  • Antron Carpet Fiber
  • Stainmaster Carpet
  • Cordura
  • VanityFair
  • AngelSoft
  • Quilted Northern
  • Sparkle
  • Brawny
  • MardiGras
  • Dixie
  • DensArmorPlus
  • Platinum Plywood
  • ToughRock
International Brands:
  • Demak Up
  • KittenSoft
  • Lotus
  • Moltonel
  • Tenderly
  • Nouvelle Recycling
  • Okay
  • Colhogar
  • Delica
  • Inversoft
  • Tutto